Breaking News:UNIMA Council To Maintan The New Fees Structure

The UNIMA council had a meeting with government officials today in Lilongwe over the the students demands against the fee hike. The outcome of the meeting didn’t bring any changes as requested by the students.
In a press statement the council said after our Lilongwe consultations with government today, Council of the University of Malawi, as the body that is legally mandated to determine chargeable fees and financial contributions to be paid by its students, wishes to make the following two fold statement for the attention of Malawians to whom it is responsible and accountable.

The Council said the  first part of our announcement is that shortly, Council will invite various stakeholders on the matter of the university fees it recently revised upwards and have attracted a wide range of reactions, to a meeting at a venue and time to be announced in due course.

Council has taken this initiative in order to afford its stakeholders the opportunity to be appraised in greater detail on how the upward fee adjustment issue has progressed since it was introduced this year.
The second dimension of UNIMA Council’s announcement is that it would like to reiterate what it has been repeatedly saying to the University of Malawi Students’ Union leaders all along.

This is to the effect that, against the background of Council’s assurance that UNIMA fees that have been adjusted upwards will not disadvantage needy students by allowing them to withdraw from their studies because of lack of financial support.

The Council further said Chancellor of the University of Malawi His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, has reinforced the Council view by assuring all students that support for all needy students, is guaranteed through the provision of sufficient resources by Government to the Higher Education Students’ Loans and Grants

In other ways the Council is renewing its earlier decision of fees hiking as approved by the chancellor and it will only mame sure that needy Students do not withdraw from studies.

UNIMA Maintains New Fees Structure

    UNIMA Maintains New Fees Structure
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