Ben Phiri negotiating a secret deal to buy presidential jet, Goodall Gondwe cornered to squeeze in money for the purchase in National Budge or face chop

The unofficial acting Malawi President Ben Phiri who also known as the puppet master for his continued control of Peter Mutharika, the voted president of the republic of Malawi is said to be negotiating deal to buy a presidential jet from the South African company Guff Stream. Malawi Punch can confidently reveal.

Ben Phiri is on record to have instructed Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe to squeeze in MK5 billion for the purchase in the national budget. Our investigations reveal that he was faced with two choices, to comply or face the chop.

Previously, the deal was being spearheaded by Mukhitho and the team of Ben Phiri, Owen Maganga, Norman Chisale and Jaffalie Ntaja, the photographer of APM who went aboard this jet round Lilongwe and Salima and took pictures for Peter Mutharika to see. After convincing him, Peter Mutharika planned to buy the plane in October, 2015, but the decision was aborted following the public outcry.

GulfStream G650The issue recently resurfaced by upon Ben Phiri’s instructions and agreed that they buy it silently without involving a big circle. This is when Ben Phiri approached Peter Mutharika’s step son Tadikira Mutharika and friends. The new team successfully initiated the deal and the said plane which landed at Kamuzu International Airport and took Tadikira’s team for fly testing.

When this was reported, everyone suspected that Mutharika’s son had gone missing and when news reached Spy Chief Nicholas Dausi. Mutharika became very afraid for the life of his son when he was told about the missing by Dausi. After 1 hour of fly testing, the plane landed back and the team was taken for questioning.

According to further revelations, Tadikira pocketed $250,000 (about K175 million) to push for government to purchase the controversial jet.

While many local papers have reported that the deal is being spearheaded by President Peter Mutharika’s son Tadikira, Safemotherhood Executive Director Chimwemwe Chipungu and Chris Kandulu of Foreign Affairs Ministry, Malawi Punch investigations reveal that it is actually Ben Phiri who is pulling the shorts from behind the scenes.

The Unofficial Acting Malawi President Ben Phiri

The Unofficial Acting Malawi President Ben Phiri

So far, insiders said government has sent some officials from the Malawi Army intelligence to South Africa where they are likely to meet the Jet owners to establish what really transpired before taking further action.

The President has also instructed the Malawi Defence Force and Police to deal with the matter accordingly for using his name and that of the government to advance their personal interests.

The jet deal happened without the knowledge of Peter Mutharika who has entrusted the leadership in the hands of Ben Phiri. Mr Phiri is on record of firing everyone who goes against his course and he has a number of loyal bootlickers including his family members who have flooded the state house.

Malawi Punch also reported that Ben Phiri, despite resigning his official post as Peter Mutharika’s personal assistant, he still stays in government house and enjoys government benefits together with his family members registered as government employees just to get benefits.

Here are details of the plane, Gulfstream G650 which landed at KIA as sourced from Private Jets for sale website – South Africa.

The G650 is at the top of it’s class in the business private jet range of aircraft from Gulfstream. It first took flight in 2009, had over 100 units built since then and is priced at $60 million and up.

This aircraft model, also called the GVI, is one of the largest and fast airplane models of its kind with the next generation twine engine jet design. Different variants include the G650 ER series which has greater fuel capacity and the ability to travel longer distances.

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