Ben Phiri And Lucas Kondowe Linked To The Murder Of Issa Njaunju

Information reaching Malawi Punch indicate that some DPP top brass mainly the former presidential aide Ben Phiri had a hand in the murder of former ACB official Issa Njaunju supported by Lucas Kondowe the ACB boss and Chains of police.

This is the main reason investigations in the matter is taking longer than necessary as some senior police officer are also implicated in the murder.

Njaunju was brutally butchered in July last year but since then there has been very little done to comprehend the culprits except for a man who was found in possession of Njaunju’s mobile phone currently in police custody.

Since Njaunju died Phiri has known no peace, and he has been faced with a number of misfortunes such as the loss of his relatives in a suspicious manner,” the source said.

Ben Phiri is one of APM’s good boys and some even believe he is helping clueless Mutharika in government affairs and this is the reason the investigation is failing to close.

Off late Kondowe has become a very good friend of Ben Phiri as the the two are doing dangerous business together.

Phiri, Mutharika And Late Njaunju

Phiri, Mutharika And Late Njaunju

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