Ben Phiri Behind MERA K6.8 Billion Scandal

Lucas Kondowe and Late Bingu

Lucas Kondowe and Late Bingu

As Malawi Punch continues its investigation over the MERA and ACB boss contract scandal, it has been discovered Ben Phiri is the man behind the saga.

According to reliable sources confided to Malawi Punch that Ben Phiri received about part payment of $200000 (K150million) from Segacoa in order to award the contract to the company. Segacoa got the news that it was not successful to win the contract following MERA board selection.

Ben Phiri assured Segacoa tol use his powers to award them the contract. Ben shared part of the money with Lucas Kondowe and asked him to use his office to nullify the awarding of the multi billion contract to Terra stone.

In view of this, ACB Director Lucas Kondowe called Mr Ralph Kamoto and asked him to suspend the process of awarding the contract to Terra stone and divert it to Segacoa Construction company. Kamoto refused to take the orders from Kondowe, this angered Kondowe who openly told Kamoto that he does nor comply, his fingers would be burnt.

Kamoto never listened to the instructions given by Kondowe. After brainstorming with Ben Phiri they came to conclusion that lets burn his fingers. Kondowe used his office and got an resticted order against Kamoto regarding the project.

Kondowe alleged that his office was tipped that corruption was involved into the awarding of a K6.8 billion contract, this was done to implicate Kamoto and at the end they get the contract for Sagecoa the company that failed in the bid.

Kamoto has since reported Kondowe to the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale claiming harassment and that what the ACB boss was trying to get from him is a very strange thing he never expected to hear from head of ACB.

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