Admarc Guard Shoots One Dead Over Maize Shortage Fracas

A security guard at Mbenje Admarc depot in Nsanje district on Monday accidentally shot and killed one man during a mayhem that broke out due to maize shortage.

Police in Nsanje identified the deceased as Wyson Bisengo, a community policing member.

Bisengo was shot by the guard who was floored and tramped upon by desperate villagers who jostled and caused uproar in a bid to buy maize.

Nsanje police said the guard was overpowered by the people who had come to buy the maize; he fell on the ground and accidentally triggered the bullet that hit Bisengo on the neck, killing him instantly.

The incident infuriated the villagers who run amok and ransacked the market, looting all the maize that was there.

The body of Bisengo was taken to Nsanje District Hospital for postmortem.

Malawi is about to experience food drought as a result of the dry spell which weather experts said has been caused by the El Nino weather pattern.

Malawi is one of the countries affected by the dry spell which has hit hard part of the Sub-Saharan Africa. About 2.8 million are expected to face food shortage, according to assessment by government and other stakeholders.

In 2015, the country struggled with floods that were triggered by heavy rains resulting in low crop yield and a floundering economy. The country is expected to have 1.4 million tonnes of maize out of the needed three million metric tones.

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