ACB Boss Kondowe In MERA Contract Scandal

The Ant Corruption Bureau boss Lucas Kondowe has been caught pants down in the MERA contract scandal. According to Malawi Punch information Lucas Kondowe interfered with the operation of MERA in awarding contracts.

Kondowe is said to have forced the MERA boss Mr Kamoto to award a K6.8 billion contract to a company which lost in the bid and Kamoto refused to do the unlawful acts.

According to Kamoto He disclosed to Malawi Punch that I have been threatened by Mr Kondowe that if I don’t award the contract to the company I will definitely burn my fingers. Mr Kondowe kept calling me and coming to my office forcing me to accept his demands said the MERA boss. He continued to say this company belongs to our bosses and do as I say or else you face the consequences.

  • Kondowe is a man who can not be trusted to enforce justice as he is corrupted too. His acts comes at a time Malawians and donors are waiting for the release of cashgate names by his office.

    Lucas Kondowe ACB Director

    Lucas Kondowe ACB Director

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