A Letter From Teachers

DATE : 28th July, 2016
TO : The PresidentFB_IMG_1469772980515, Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM)
CC : The Acting Director, Malawi National Examinational Board (MANEB)
: The Secretary for Education
: Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation (ZBS)
: The Executive Director, Civil Society Coalition for Quality Education

We are saddened by the continued deteriorating dignity of us, teachers. Invigilation of MSCE Examination, just as any field of work in any government department requires that officers be given their allowances in advance to make their lives in the field easier.

It was communicated by MANEB that allowances could not be paid at the commencement of the MSCE Examinations because it was not funded yet. Expectations were that payment would be done during the invigilation process. It is very appalling to have these allowances not paid up to date and no communication made to teachers.

It sounds very untrue that MANEB is not funded when the same parastatal has just paid JCE markers handsomely, an exercise which came after the invigilation of MSCE. Our understanding is that MANEB should have sourced resources for invigilators first before proceeding to marking JCE.

After all, markers are well housed and fed yet invigilators are satirically sent away from their precious homes to suffer such a humiliation in the hands of those who are supposed to support them (i.e. government and MANEB).

What a great shame for the whole government to plan to administer National Examinations from teachers’ pockets.
This pedestrian way of planning has added to a long litany of teachers’ problems; they spent a significant portion of their salary on invigilation and are now struggling with life.

The same MANEB is calling the same teachers to mark the same examinations that they invigilated without pay.
It should also be noted that this man-made delay in paying these allowances may make the teachers receive devalued money which subsequently may incur losses to them.
It is with these concerns that we have decided to put a stop to our culture of silence and docility. Therefore the following steps are to be taken:
MSCE examinations will not be marked until invigilation allowances are paid. Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) is asked to make a strong statement that no teacher should go for marking before invigilation allowance is paid.

TUM is requested to do this later than Monday, 1st August, 2016, even if it may mean obtaining an injunction.
Any forthcoming National Examinations will not be invigilated before allowances are given. MANEB and government are strongly warned not to take teachers for granted.

They risk causing regrettable disturbances on examination timetables.
We therefore, expect MANEB, in conjunction with the Government, to pay the said allowances that the teachers are entitled as quickly as possible to avoid possible disturbances to the coming academic year. We, Teachers, have had enough of our patience.

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