33 Malawian girls still stranded in Kuwait, Peter Mutharika’s government too broke to help them

From 12 to 33, the number of Malawian girls stranded in Kuwait has drastically increased, with government still clueless and too broke to pay their transportation to come back home. Malawi Punch understands.

The girls left the country for greener pastures in the Arab Nation, but ended up having shattered dreams when they finally faced the reality of life which saw them being forced into prostitution while others suffered sexual abuse by their employers.

According to information at hand, the girls become sex toys, being forced into “three some” encounters while others withstood “gang bangs” in which 1 girl would sexually serve over 5 libidinous Kuwaitis same time, going in one after another.

Despite these scary sexual exploitation, Malawi government has paid a blind eye to the young girls by refusing to address their transportation challenges.

On May 19, 2016, Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaila made a shocking revelation saying government does not care about the girls who were reportedly abused and stranded in Kuwait citing that government is too broke to help them.

“As government we do not budget for such exercises,” he said, adding that government only helps out those in South Africa because the costs are affordable.

Kuwait embassy officials confirmed the 33 girls are now with the embassy after they were rescued from prostitution and other abusing domestic jobs in the country.

The girls are currently asking for help from well wishers. To help them, one needs to go through Malawi Embassy in Kuwait.

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