The Anti Corruption Bureau(ACB) has backed  president Peter Mutharika in disputing claims that 13 case files of the K236 billion plundered public funds between 2009 and 2014 contain names of cabinet ministers.

Different quarters have been urging the President to fire 7 cabinet ministers whose names are allegedly

appearing in 13 case files of the plunder of public funds worthy36 billion kwacha.
Anti corruption bureau director general Mr Lukasi Kondowe insists the allegations are not true.


He says some politicians who are spreading the lies want to tarnish the bureau and its relations.

He cited an example of recent reports that he is not in good terms with The  deputy of the bureau Mr. Reneck Matemba.

” what we have is 13 files of suppliers that did transactions with Malawi Police and the Malawi Defense Force so we did not receive any file consisting names of the cabinet ministers,” said Kondowe.

Kondowe becomes the third official to tear apart the allegation after Peter Munthalika and attorney general mr Steve Kamphasa.

He added that ACB is struggling to effectively discharge its duties due to lack of shortage personnel but expressed hope of addiction personnel

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