kainga afraid to return home

An albino woman, Lucia Kainga who had her arm chopped by thugs in Chitipa, is afraid to  return home after been  discharged from the hospital.

In July this year Lucia Kainga a woman with albinism held from Ipenza village in the area of senior chief Kameme in Chitipa suffered a brutal attack by unknown people who chopped off her hand.

After spending two months of pain at Mzuzu central hospital Kainga expressed fear of returning home, saying the unknown people who attacked her might attempt to take off her life.

Over the past two years law enforcers in the country have recorded 18 brutal killings of people with albinism and numerous attacks.and this left many  people with albinism to live in fear.

However , Northern region police public relations officer inspector Peter Kalaya  said the police have put in place some measures that will help to protect people with albinism from bad minded people, and urged  Kainga to return home.

Chitipa assistant district Social Welfare Officer Mr. Misheck M’dambo asked the 52 year old woman Lucia Kainga to partcipate in any activity happening in the community without fear.he further asked Malawians to stop attacking and killing of people with albinism.

Mr. Joseph Ndimbwa a neighbor to Kainga is in police custody in connection to the attack.


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