10 People Arrested For Killing Albino Woman

Police in central region have arrested 10 people for allegedly killing a young albino woman aged 21.

Information Malawi Punch has received indicates that police have arrested the suspects in Dowa and Lilongwe on Sunday and Monday morning.

The victim is said to have been trafficked from her home village in Dedza district last month after being promised a job in Madisi, Dowa.

However the victim did not live to see the promised job as she was killed and some of her body parts were removed.

The suspects are said to have buried her body near Mpale Estate only to be found by some farmers who immediately alerted the law-enforcers.

Earlier on police and medical personnel failed to identify the body as it was in decomposed state. It was during investigations when police managed to gather more details about the deceased, leading to the arrest of the suspects, and one of them confessed to have killed her in order to sell her bones.

Malawi has been grappling with brutal attacks and exhuming of graves of people with albinism whose body parts are believed by some quarters to posses magical powers to make one rich or bring about good luck.

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