Poor Malawians To Start Paying Fees In Public Hospitals

Poor Malawians should brace for tough times ahead as from this July they will start paying for public hospital services, Minister of health has confirmed.

Government has decided to add more woes to poor Malawians misery as one way of raising funds to help the struggling economy back in shape.

Adult Malawians will be paying a minimum of K1,650 and children K750 inorder to access health services In public hospitals after government finalized the policy under current public reforms initiative.

Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume revealed that the policy is waiting for cabinet’s seal of approval before seeking Parliament’s adoption.

“This is in line with the public reforms aimed to improve healthcare as well as improving efficiency and quality services,” Kumpalume said.

“We want to make the health sector more efficient and hospitals should generate funds on their own through the fee that people will be paying when they want to access the medical services and will also
want to improve the conditions in the government hospitals”.

Kumpalume further said the policy would be implemented by July this year, adding that government will soon start privatizing public hospitals.

The Mutharika government already announced plans to privatize private hospitals’ mortuaries in a bid to improve efficiency and quality services.

Government set up a task force to look into the feasibility plan on how it will work considering that most mortuaries are out-dated and do not tick to the current health standards of handling corpses.

Currently, people K2,500 for embalming, K1,000 for washing and dressing and K1,000 per night for storage of dead bodies at some private mortuaries.

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One thought on “Poor Malawians To Start Paying Fees In Public Hospitals

  1. My question is that, if a poor gogo or orphaned child or unemployed youth fell sick has to go seek the required fee and if he fails in that process it means he has to die no matter what and just to add a little bit think of cholera patient who does have the fee what will happen considering delicacy of the disease?.

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