Medical Negligence: Boy Dies After Medical Assistant Refuses to Wake Up

A standard three boy died of Malaria on Wednesday night in Rumphi district after a medical assistant refused to wake up and assist the sick child.

The incident happened at Mhuju Rural Hospital located at Mhuju Trading Centre.

Confirmed reports indicate that on night of Wednesday 27th April, 2016, parents of the boy had rushed with him to the hospital to seek medical help.

However, the hospital’s Medical Assistant a Mr. Nyama refused to wake up and attend to the child, as he usually does, the parents were forced to go back home without being assisted.

The boy child died at around 11pm, the development that infuriated people and have since demanded transfer of the medical assistant from the district.

It is reported that the medical assistant does not work on Tuesdays, and that he was once chased from Hewe hospital due to the same behavior.

“He normally starts work at 10am and by 3pm he is already out of hospital. Many Patients go to a private hospital not because they have money but to avoid being neglected by him,” complained one of the Mhuju residents.

The incident has occurred just weeks after Blantyre District Health Office (DHO) suspended four health workers from Pensulo and Zingwangwa health centres due to negligence.

DHO suspended two clinicians and two pharmacy clerics due to negligence which led to a woman delivering at the gate of Zingwangwa health centre earlier this month, and the closure of Pensulo health centre last Thursday without proper reasons.

Blantyre District Health Officer Doctor Medson Matchaya said the four were suspended following reports his office had received and that investigations on the reported matters were underway.

Many Malawians have raised concerns over the conduct of medical council and nurses and midwifery association in failing to punish their members who neglect patients in course of duty.

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