New R&B Face ‘Platinum’ Reveals New Single

Months after dropping his single Fupa which features Malawi’s soft reggae star Saint, platinum real name TawinaTembo has revealed plans to drop another single come June 3rd.

When speaking to Malawi Punch, the fastest rising R&B star and vocalist said his new song Elevators describes his success and music journey.

“The song is about how people always want to share your blessing without necessarily knowing what you had to go through just to get where you are, so you determine to achieve more in life as you climb the ladder of success still embracing your roots and humble beginnings,” said the artist.

Elevators is platinum’s second track this year after Fupa and has vowed to come up with songs that people can relate to,

“Elevators is not necessarily made for me but I know many people who are successful will also relate to this. It doesn’t mean if you are not doing well you are left out no. I know many will be motivated after listening to the song,” he added.

Elevators features Morality C a hip-hop artist from Blantyre. Elevators is expected to be premiered on Timveni Radio, Mij FM, Dziko Radio and Beyond FM Radio.

Platinum is a diverse artist who looks at himself as a voice for the youth and the voiceless, he does multiple genres, and he is currently working with Eril entertainment. His music history dates back to 2014.

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