Miracle Money Age: Prophet Bushiri embarrasses Thocco Phiri with millions

Dressed in his expensive Agelo Galasso suit, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was the centre of attention in the city of Blantyre on Saturday as he made his way to Victoria Gardens to attend a wedding ceremony of the gospel artist Thocco Phiri who is also his spiritual son and part of Prophetic Channel Team.

Making his way on his immense convoy, Bushiri was served with cheers and jeers throughout the trip to the event, with thousands of people making their way to the venue to see the famous man of God. This comes to contrary to what DPP has been spreading about the man of God, alleging that he is losing popularity among Malawians.

Unlike at Grace Chinga’s funeral where vendors and cadets were paid by the ruling DPP to chant anti-Bushiri songs, things were shamefully different when Bushiri visited the city at the heavily patronised wedding of his spiritual son.

Taking on the dance flow to celebrate the couple, prophet Bushiri embarrassed them with millions, a scenario that gave hard time to cashiers trying to collect the cash.

“As a father and his boss at work, I feel responsible for his life and when he announced the wedding plans, it gave my heart joy that I had to travel all the way from South Africa to witness this great day. This is every father’s expectation. It’s not the money that should matter, but rather my presence and love for him,” Bushiri told a local newspaper.

The man of God also pledged other gifts to be bestowed upon the young couple. He is expected to return to South Africa after successfully managed to conduct other businesses including laying foundation for his yet to be erected mega church in Lilongwe.

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18 thoughts on “Miracle Money Age: Prophet Bushiri embarrasses Thocco Phiri with millions

  1. Major 1 let your love keep going to all your sons and daughters papa I love you.my the lord bless you more and more in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  2. Ruth Naango Hango May 22, 2016 at 11:25 - Reply

    No doubt that is our Papa, our generation Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1, untouchable, anointed Prophet,the true man of God, long live Major 1, me and my family believed in your God, and we love you so much, 9 months in your mum s womb just to prophecies, 1+1= 2 no? .

  3. dickson moses May 22, 2016 at 18:40 - Reply

    My dad major 1 may God keep using u 2 do wht he called you for
    We are moving forward in jesus name
    I love you papa prophet shepherd bushiri. Live along I will always be your son

  4. khodani Ravele May 23, 2016 at 10:06 - Reply

    Prophet of our generation, you are a Gud major prophet with a good heart your sons and daughers are lucky to have u as their father. may the Lord God almighty bless u 10000 times more and

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