Local Video Vixen Theresa Arrested For Stealing Smart-Phone

It is one thing to be famous and eke a living out of it, and to be a video vixen and make pomp out of your reputation despite having a broke and drab life.

Chaotic scene at MCA after Theresa was caught

Chaotic scene at MCA after Theresa was caught

With the rate at which the music video industry is flourishing, it is of no surprise that every girl would love to be a vixen. But how many can stand its whirls and charms; Not Theresa Chibwana, ofcourse.

To some, the name doesn’t ring a bell, but for those conversant with Kell Kay’s videos will unquestionably recognize her. She was featured in his latest video ‘tiye”.

News emerging and buzzing on the entertainment scene is that, Theresa miserably failed to live up to the level of being a vixen as she has been arrested for stealing a cell-phone.

By the way, it just not any other phone but Samsung galaxy s6.

Confirmed reports state that Theresa, a Malawi College of Accountancy student, stole the K360, 000- worth smart-phone two weeks ago, and then changed battery and security phone pattern.

The owner of the phone identified as Jane who is also a friend to the chocolate hustler and video vixen, recognized the phone and reported the case to the police.

Videos being circulated on Whatsapp platform shows the chaotic scenes at the Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA) where Theresa is learning.

Several artists have taken to the social media to mock and condemn Theresa of shaming the industry while some pitied with her for the incident.

Theresa is also rumored to have stolen money from a funeral she attended before going to school.

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