Kambalu Calls for Unity Among Artists

Visual artist Elson Kambalu said Malawian artists could rise to greater heights of success and recognition if they got organized and embraced the concept of togetherness.

Kambalu expressed the sentiments Wednesday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on his arrival from China where had gone on a skill enhancement tour following his recognition as awardee of 2015 MBC’s Innovations Awards (Arts category).

Kambalu on arrival from China

Kambalu on arrival from China

“The tour has been an eye opener to me and I’ve learnt far much more that I had expected,” said Kambalu who further added; “But most importantly, I have admired how our Chinese artist friends are organised and how they embrace a culture of togetherness.”

He argued that Malawian artists could rise to unimaginable heights if they emulated and applied the same gesture.

The visual artist has also challenged Government to consider emulating its Chinese counterpart’s strategy of incorporating Art and Sport as a compulsory subject in primary schools saying it helps build one’s skill from a tender age.

“Students have their skills well established by the time they get to high school in China because of the same strategy,” explains the arts awardee who also runs La Galleria in Lilongwe.

He has since challenged fellow youths to have an inner search of the self and stick to what they discover as their dream, citing himself as an example of one who stuck to what he knew best and was now reaping the rewards.-Mana

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