Fredokiss features Lulu in new single, Upeze Njira : Eyes international collabo with AKA

Malawi’s Hip-Hop giant has gone soft and raps love in Upeze Njira, a song that he features RnB King Lulu. Malawi Punch can reveal.

Upeze Njira is a song that tackles regrets and reveal’s wounds of love for a young man who still day dreams about a girl engaged to another person.

“Love is there. It exists and we have to appreciate it. Its just so unfortunate that a lot of people have had bad share histories of love, but its never too late to make things right,” said Fredokiss in an interview with Malawi Punch.

Plans to shoot the video are underway and according to the rapper, it will be directed by Sukez and shot in Blantyre at Casamia.

“The concept is crazy. It was developed by Kelvin Sulugwe and to those who know him, he means serious business. People should just wait for more. It will happen as always and will give it our best,” explained th artist.

Fredokiss is considered one of the best Hip Hop artists in Malawi and he is the only artists with a large following on his Facebook page.

New his been rifle of his impending collabos with South Africa’s AKA and Uhuru. However, the artists couldnt shade more light on the issue and refered this reporter to his manager who upon contacted, promised to come back with detailed plans for the artist.


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