Death strikes Malawi Music Industry, Rapper Revolver Muwamba no more.


Revolver: No more.

When the political podium is still wet with tears follwoing Gwanda Chakuamba’s death, Malawi Music podium has not been spared, with her virginity eyes being betrayed by the demise of the legendary rapper Kenneth Muwamba popularly known as Revolver, who died in the early noon hours of Sunday, Novermber 6.

Malawina urban music lovers have taken to social media morning the artist.

“I met this friend when I was very young. We grew up together, played and went school together. To many, he was an idol who paved paved way for a lot of upcoming artists.”

“Only God can comfort me. I have lost my best friend. To many you where Revolver the artist, but to me you, were Kenneth. I pray you rest in peace,” posted Ronald Ron CZ Zeleza, his long time best friend and business partner.

Going through his wall, one might argue that Revolver knew he was losing it and death was around the corner. He posted of the pending death and fans commented jokingly, wishing his a peaceful death.

“I see death around the corner,” posted Revolver on his Facebook account.

Revolver battled with cancer and he was treated for few days at a hospital in Blantyre before being released after registering a promising recovery, but later lost it.

Program for his burial is yet to be announced.

Kenneth Muwamba (born 28 September, 1989) was a Malawian rapper and song writer. Revolver, along with his solo career, is a member of a HipHop group Trap squad and was a co-founder of Trap Entertainment, the record label to which the group is signed to. Revolver was one of Malawi’s most popular hip hop artists, best known for his 2011 hit song ”Sindidanda”.

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