Jamaican dance hall reggae artist jetted in the country via Kamuzu international Airport and promises fireworks today as he is performing today at Civil stadium in Lilongwe.

As his names says it all Busy signal got so busy Friday soon after jetting into the country via Kamuzu International Airport.

The Jamaican Dance hall reggae maestro promised fire on Saturday at Civil stadium.

Busy signal fans waited for more than 3 hours for the Jamaican artist at game stores complex in Lilongwe.

As if that was not enough the moral of the excited fans boosted with some screams everywhere as Busy Signal alighted from using a private Helicopter at the place

The return of Busy signal has attracted many Malawians.

Director of the impact events Lucius Banda organizer of the show said the show will be a bombshell Malawi has ever had.

Tomorrow’s show will be a bomb, as busy signal is here fresh and ready prepared for the show people must  expect electricity and a lot of stuff,” explained Lucius Banda.

Busy signal is expected to perform Civil Stadium Today in Lilongwe.

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