Pupil faints Of Hunger, Teachers Distribute Soya Porridge

A Chimwankhwazi primary school pupil who fainted because of hunger in Machinga forced teachers and school committee members to react by distributing soya porridge to learners.

A week ago one learner in standard 4 fainted after spending three days on an empty stomach due hunger that has stricken most parts of Malawi recently.

However, the distribution was marred by  some local members of the community who snatched packets of flour from the needy learners on personal gains.

Commenting on the matter, the school committee chairperson expressed dissatisfaction with the inhuman behavior of the villagers.

“It’s so sad that instead of appreciating on what the school has done, people are snatching the flour from the learners! We have to work up and appreciate what others are doing if Malawi is to develop”.

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