Primary And Secondary School Teachers Go On Strike

Public Primary and Secondary School teachers on Monday started a national-wide strike following the expiry of June 30 deadline they gave to government to address their grievances.

The teachers through Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM), are demanding that government address their grievances such as promotions, salary adjustments and payment of 2015/16 leave grants.

In May this year, government swallowed its pride and succumbed to the teachers’ demands.

Strike now suspended

Strike in progress

However, TUM Secretary General Denis Kalekeni said the government has not effected its promise to meet the teachers’ demands such as paying all promoted teachers starting May and the last group in June, in addition, offering transport to all teachers transferred to rural areas.

In March this year TUM gave government a 24 days ultimatum to resolve the issues or endure the industrial action.

TUM singled out six grievances which ranges from immediate Promotion and salary adjustment of teachers promoted in 2013 to Grade TJ (PT2), immediate adjustment of salaries for all teachers promoted in 2013 to Grade TK (PT3), payment of leave grant for fiscal year 2015/16 to all secondary school teachers, payment of March 2015 salaries to teachers who were omitted and many more.

TUM further blamed government’s failure to demonstrate its commitment to pay the teachers who were erroneously omitted from March 2015 salary.

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