Primary School Pupils To Spend More Hours in School

The Ministry of Education Science and Technology has changed the primary school timetable with effect from the 2016/17 school year (5th September 2016) to allow pupils spend more hours in school.

For years the school day in Malawi’s public primary schools has been the shortest in the southern Africa, which the ministry said contributed to the poor achievement of students in comparison with students in the other countries of the region.

According to the ministry, the changes are part of the efforts to improve learning achievement of students in the primary schools in line with the Education Act 2013, section 72.

“The change is therefore aimed at increasing time on task in order to improve the quality of learning in all primary schools,” noted the ministry.

The ministry has since called on all education institutions, stakeholders and the general public to be committed in providing their support to ensuring that the policy is complied with.

The new school day for each class will be as follows:

Start End Start End
1 7.30 am 10.40 am 7.30 am         12.00 noon
2 7.30 am 11.30 am 7.30 am 12.30 pm
3 7.30 am 12.20 am 7.30 am 13.15 pm
4 7.30 am 12.20 am 7.30 am 13.50 pm
5 7.30 am 13.40 pm 7.30 am 14.30 pm
6 7.30 am 13.40 pm 7.30 am 14.30 pm
7 7.30 am 13.40 pm 7.30 am 14.30 pm
8 7.30 am 13.40 pm 7.30 am 14.30 pm
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