Pregnancy Scandal: Court 16 Students For Impregnating Fellow Scholars

NkhataBay First Grade Magistrates Court has ordered the suspension of 32 Hoho Secondary School students over pregnancy scandal which has terrified the school’s administration,parents and guardians.

The incident has happened just four weeks into the new school term.

Magistrate Alexander Gomba said in his ruling that it was ideal to suspend both concerned male and female students in order to give them ample time to take care of the pregnancies.

Gomba said the students would only be allowed back at school once the pregnant scholars have delivered.

Earlier on the court had charged the male students with defilement but the charge was changed following a testimony by the school’s head teacher John Msowoya that all affected female students were 18 years-old, saving the male students from being handed a jail term for defilement.

Primary Education Advisor for Chintheche Peter Chirwa welcomed the ruling but parents of the children pleaded with the court to remove the suspension and accused the education curriculum for fuelling sex amongst the youth.

The concerned students’ parents now risk paying each K10, 000 fine based on the school’s standing rule.

The case was brought to court by a child protection NGO, Maranda Child Protection Committee.

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