College Of Medicine Students Oust Union President

College of Medicine (COM) student union in Blantyre on Thursday impeached their president Ekari Mathuka after being on the position for less than a month.

Ekari Mathuka

Ekari Mathuka outsted

Mathuka was ousted during a general assembly that was held at the college’s campus on  Thursday 12th May.

77 percent of the students voted Mathuka out following corruption allegations.

According to a memo which is circulating across social media, Mathuka is said to have misappropriated funds.

However, the memo does not indicate the amount of money squandered.

Mathuka is said to have conceded wrongdoing.

According to the constitution that governs College of Medicine Students Union (COMSU), it is stipulated on subsection 31(7), (6), (8) that financial mismanagement calls for a stiff punishment. In line with this, Mathuka, admitted mismanaging finances leaving the intelligentsia without any option.

“The constitution is not just a guide book as others may think. It is a book that is above all others, that extends its arms and deals with those that disregard it. Mr Ekari Mathuka is no longer College of Medicine student union president,” reads part of the memo.

This action serves as a warning to leaders of other institutions within the University of Malawi who have ill intentions.

Therefore, students from other colleges will borrow a leaf from their COM counterparts in curbing the abuse of funds within the students unions.

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