Players in the Malawi criminal justice has lamented that their efforts to reduce congestion in Malawi prisons are in ineffective because majority of inmates deserves to be in prison.

As part of the following up of the prison decongestion project stakeholder in the Malawi criminal justice system have raised concerns that their efforts in revising criminal cases may fall short  as the majority of inmates deserve to remain in prison.

Project coordinator for the prison decongestion project Justice H. Potani says all Malawi prisons are highly congested beyond their recommended numbers.

He also said the project is not a matter of releasing every prisoner as there is a large number of them that deserves to stay behind the bars.

Commissioner for prison operations Masauko Wiscot  raised concerns on growing population of the country at blame for the increase in crime rate in Malawi.

He added that moving forward the only solution to decongest prisons is to build addition structures to house the constantly growing numbers of inmates.

Meanwhile efforts to reduce numbers of inmates in Malawi prisons through the decongestion initiative has seen 4754 inmates released.

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