Rotten Foods Hit Markets, MBS Fears For Consumers’ Health

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) investigations have revealed that some unscrupulous people are collecting substandard and rotten food stuffs from various producers and tender them for sale at various markets.

The investigations conducted in markets across Blantyre city found out that markets such as Kachere, Limbe, Makhetha and many others have been flooded with the substandard and rotten.

Listed products consist of crude cooking oil/wastes, rotten eggs, rotten bread and buns, rotten chicken and many other ex-factory products.

Warned consumers- Chokazinga

Warned consumers- Chokazinga

“Our investigations reveal that the products are wastes from the production processes of some factories in and around these markets,” said MBS Director General Davlin Chokazinga.

Chokazinga has since warned the general public to desist from consuming such products as they are hazardous to their health.

“Although such products may be cheaper, treating health complications that result from consuming rotten products such as eggs, chicken, meat, bread and buns is very costly both to the consumer and the government and some of the complications may be fatal”.

He further warned that the bureau will, once objective evidence is established, take action in accordance with section 39 (1, 2 and 4) of MBS Act (cap 51:02, 2012) including a penalty of K1 million as stipulated therein.

“It is our considered view that all industries who manufacture and/or process such products will be responsible to ensure that wastes from their processes are well managed and appropriately disposed to avoid abuse and environmental pollution to the detriment of the surrounding populations, especially the vulnerable,” he added.

Meanwhile, MBS is closely working with relevant authorities to stop the inhumane practice and bring the culprits to book.

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