MERA Retains Electricity Tariffs As Fuel Prices Are Up

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has maintained Electricity tariffs despite hiking fuel prices.

In a price and tariff review this week, MERA board agreed to maintain the electricity tariffs at the current average of K57.72/kWh.

On Thursday evening, MERA announced the increase of fuel prices, a development that will hot poor Malawians hard considering the country’s present economic situation.

Following the increase, now Petrol will be sold at K788.30/litre from K743.30 (6.05 percent increase), Diesel is at Diesel at K766.90/litre from K 722.80 ( 6.10 percent increase), while Paraffin has been raised from K580.40 to K609.80( 5.07 increase).

Other increases are as follows:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas at K1,999.99/kg from K1, 933.72 (3.43 percent increase).

JET A1 Chileka: K670.87 from K619.55 ( 8.28 percent increase).

JET A1 KIA: K720.20/litre from K 672.81 ( 7.04 increase).

Fuel prices were last hiked in March this year.

The price increase has been effected following trends in the world petroleum products’ prices and changes in other macroeconomic fundamentals in the local market and their impact on energy prices.

Recently, the country’s consumers have seen sharp increase in prices of other commodities and utilities such as electricity and sugar among other.

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