MBS Fines Superrete Owner For Selling Expired Products

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has penalized Gill Mega Superrete, Located in Area 18 in Lilongwe, for tampering with product date codes and selling of expired products.

Among other products that were found tempered with include Surex bathing soap, Jik 73 (500mls), Super Mahewu, Whitecrane bathing soap, Maq soap, Yes Juice, Maq soap, Steri Milk, Corned Meat and Energy flavored drink.

According to MBS, the products expired in 2015 but the Superrete was replacing the dates to read 2016.

“The owners of Gill Mega Superrete have since been fined for this behavior and the MBS is preparing further actions against Gill Mega Superrete because of repeated incidences of this kind of non-compliance by the client,” reads MBS statement on the issue.

The MBS has since appealed to shop owners in the country against tampering with product date code and selling of expired products.

“The MBS wishes also appeal to the general public to check expiry dates of products before buying anything”.

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