Malawi Conducive For Industrial Hemp, Trial In Second Phase

Just a month after Parliament passed a motion that paved way for the cultivation of Industrial Hemp in Malawi, researchers say that Malawi climate is suitable for Hemp.

A Local company ‘INVEGROW Limited’ that was entrusted to conduct authorized Industrial Hemp trials announced the good tidings through a press statement.

The statement also pointed out that Industrial Hemp will help to boost Malawi’s manufacturing industry thereby generating the much needed forex through exports.

”International market opportunities for Industrial Hemp are incredibly promising. This is not just a big opportunity for Malawian farmers, this is a great avenue for growing Malawi’s manufacturing industries as well,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further said that there is a big different between Industrial Hemp and Cannabis Sativa locally known as Chamba.

” The term ‘Industrial Hemp’ commonly refers to the commercial use of the cannabis stalk and seed for textiles, foods, papers, body care products, detergents, plastics and building materials.

”The term ‘Chamba’ refers to the medicinal, recreational or spiritual use involving the smoking of cannabis flowers,” said the statement.

This is the first time in Malawi’s history that Industrial Hemp will be legally defined by the government as distinct from drug varieties of Cannabis.

The company revealed that it is now in second phase out of three trials it is expected to conduct on the industrial hemp before it is officially approved for cultivation.

INVEGROW LIMITED had the first trials underway in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and is currently in Trial number 2 (of three).

The data and understanding will allow knowledge to be gained on the crop and a viable and realistic model to be developed over the next year.

INVEGROW LIMITED understands that further work is required to put in place the appropriate regulatory and institutional arrangements for a commercial Industrial Hemp value chain.

Earlier, Peoples Party Publicity Secretary Kenneth Msonda asked government to trade carefully on the legalization of Industrial Hemp.

”We call upon government and otherwise stakeholders to seriously address the medical Chamba misconception otherwise some people will start smoking the illegal prohibited Chamba,” said Msonda.

Meanwhile, government is expected to invest about US$10 million (about K7.1 billion in the cultivation of Industrial hemp as one way of boosting the country’s ailing economy.

According to a World Bank report Malawian hemp is among “the best and finest” marijuana strains in the world, generally regarded as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African sativa.

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