Malawi Businesses Bemoan Blackouts

Indigenous Business Association of  Malawi (IBAM) has bemoaned the intermittent power supply due to the extensive load-shading the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) is currently undertaking.

IBAM President Mike Mlombwa said the continued intermittent power supply has potential to scare away foreign investors.

The country’s sole electricity provider, Escom warned the country this week to brace for more hours of no electricity due to decreasing water levels in the Lake of Malawi.

Mlombwa said electricity is an essential element in doing business as such no investor would be interested to invest in a country where there are excessive blackouts.

He added that the country’s ailing economy will not be able to recover if there is no improvement in terms of electricity supply, thereby impacting negatively on local businesses.

Escom in a press statement this week said the continued dwindling of the water levels in Lake Malawi and reduced water flows on Shire River have adversely affected hydro generation capacity and resulted in increased load shedding until the water situation improves.

And in order to preserve water for use during the dry season, Escom is regulating water flow at Kamuzu Barrage at Liwonde at 180 cubic meters per second instead of the required 284 cubic meters per second required for full operations at the generation plants.

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