DPP bans Frozzy Drink for getting more popular than APM

Frozzy Drink from Mozambique has been banned on Malawi markerts. Thats the news on the surface and it is what everyone is talking about.

However, Malawi Punch can confidently reveal that the drink has been banned by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) through the Malawi Beaure of Standards (MBS) because of its growing popularity.
DPP has a record and tendercy of dealing with anyone or anything that grows popularity in a blink of an eye because that is looked as a threat to APM.

This also comes in awake of punishing Malawians who found refuge in the cheap, but great drink unlike the other exisiting drinks.

Malawi markert has other equally harmful drinks such as Rider liquor bottles but governmebt opted to ban Frozzy and make Malawi feel the pain of summer and thirsty. 

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