Court Stops MOAM Collecting Toll Fees On Minibuses

The High Court in Blantyre on Wednesday dismissed application by Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (MOAM) to vacate an injunction that stops the association from collecting toll fees on minibuses in the central business town of Blantyre.

The injunction was obtained by K and N Consult which was hired by Blantyre City Council (BCC) to be collecting parking fees on lot 5 of Blantyre City which is made up of Mibawa Minibus Terminal, Blantyre Bus Stands and Minibus Terminal opposite Blantyre Market.

MOAM has been using harassment to stop K and N Consult employees from collecting the toll fees.

On Wednesday the court sustained the injunction and ordered MOAM officials not stop K and N Consult agents or servants from collecting or levying toll fees on minibuses or doing anything related to the plaintiff (K and N Consult) until determination is made as to who has the mandate to collect the parking fees.

BCC outsourced the services of K and N Consult through an open tender bidding process to be collecting parking fees on lot 5.

BCC joined the case as a second complainant on the understanding that the Council is the only legal body mandated by law to collect such fees in the City and also as a confirmation that K and N Consult was collecting parking fees on its behalf.

MOAM applied to the court to vacate the injunction so that it could continue collecting parking fees. However, in his ruling High Court judge, Justice Rowland Bvundula sustained the injunction granted to K and N Consult.

According to Blantyre City Public Relations Manager, Anthony Kasunda, K and N Consult is the only legally mandated company to collect parking fees at Mibawa Minibus Terminal, Blantyre Bus Stands and Minibus Terminal opposite Blantyre Market on behalf of the Council.

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