CEAR Assures Customers Amid Mozambique Civil War

Central East Africa Railways (CEAR) has assured its customers that current war conflicts in Mozambique will not affect their transportation of Cargo in anyway.

The assurance has come due to increased attacks on Malawian cargo tracks and commuter buses by rebels in Mozambique.

CEAR’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Chisomo Mwamadi said that the routes that the locomotives use have not been affected by the civil war.

“As a company we have not been affected by the conflicts in Mozambique, the Nacara corridor is still operational and we haven’t stopped at any point ever since the conflicts started,” said Mwamadi.

“So I want to assure our customers that we are still operational. If you have more goods for us to handle we are more than ready as a company,” said Mwamadi.

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