Airtel Malawi, TNM bankrolling the devil, doing business with illegal entities to please DPP government

Malawi’s leading mobile operators have been rocked in illegal acts following their involvement with DPP’s Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent described by their lawyer as illegal entities. Malawi Punch can reveal.

Malawi Voice, Malawi Independent, Justice Mponda and Austin Kakande are currently answering defamation charges against “profit” of gods Shepherd Bushiri who is also under fire in South Africa.

In his defence, lawyer Chancy Gondwe representing the accused defended them saying Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent are illegal entities and can’t be sued.

“The 1st and 2nd (Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent) defendants are not legal entities capable of being sued,” he told the court.

According to a publication on one of the local papers, Gondwe’s sentiments means that Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent are free entities to defame anyone for they do not have legal status and they can never be responsible of their dirty deeds.

However, Malawi Punch’s quick observation on the two websites prove the two sites are enjoying great business deals from Airtel with Malawi Voice carrying a TNM banner as well.

Information gathered by this paper indicate that Airtel Malawi and TNM are bankrolling DPP’s envil deeds against Malawians in order to gain favors from the ruling party and continue exploiting Malawians.

Airtel Malawi and TNM are paying heavily to have their banners fly on the illegal websites that are not recognized and registered with any of the governing bodies of the land. The heavy fees paid by Airtel and TNM are used towards paying the reporters and managing the illegal entities day to day operations.

Airtel and TNM could not be reached for immediate comments; however, Malawi Punch is eager to give space to the two operators to refute the findings of this reporter.

Malawi Punch’s Editorial: Shame on Airtel and TNM… to be published soon, but here is a snippet:

It’s surprising that these two telecom giants with good corporate governance scheme and stringent compliance systems could have laced their rules simply to buy some cheap political favours. Anyone who has dealt with TNM and Airtel will tell you that they will only deal with registered individuals and as part of their Know Your Client (KYC) procedure they would demand registration certificate.

If the MV and MI lawyers are right that these two are illegal entities, then someone at Airtel and TNM must be answerable for flouting procedures. And we are sure that the pending compliance with their KYC procedures both companies will meanwhile suspend their dealings with MV and MI. Now we will see who is fooling who.

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