Malawian man’s private parts dissapear after chigololo in J’oburg

A Malawian guy identified as Ibrahim Yusufu who lives in South Africa but hails from m’Baluku- Mangochi met his darkest day as his penis went into the thin air soon after having sex with a prostitute on Tuesday night in Joburg, Malawi Punch has learnt.

Yusufu and friends went out for a drink at Culture Inn, one of the local bar in the street of Joburg at around 10 oclock at night.

According to one of the friend who opted for anynomity, Yusufu took a prostitute to the cheapest resthouse in the area located at Corner Bree and Poly street where he paid R50 for a room on a short time service.

In his remarks after Malawi Punch approached him, the former Mangochi based fisherman identified the sex worker as Paresa whom he said he slapped her with R200 for her full bequest service.

“Paresa left the room soon after getting her payment claiming she was rushing for another client while I was dressing up,” said Yusufu while eyes agape in tears.

He continues: “I went back to the booze cabin and continue the fun with my friends and after sometime I went to the toilet to answer the call of nature only to realise that my private parts was not there. I rushed to the bar pointing my eyes everywhere but Paresa was nowhere to be seen.”

Yusufu comes from Mtagaluka village, Traditional Authority (TA) Chowe in Mangochi and have a wife and 3 children all in Malawi.

“I explained the unbelievable incident to my friends and together we run a search for her in other bars around Joburg but she was in no place. We then reported the matter to Jeep Police Station and investigation are under way,” explained the helpless Yusufu.

According to the statement from the police, it is the second time incident of this nature to happen this year, the first one happenned in February and the victim committed suicide.

Meanwhile no arrest has been made and investigations are still in progress.

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