Magufuli Belittles Lake Malawi, Rebuffs Chissano On Orders To Use Lake

Tanzania President John Magufuli said his country will not be gratified by views of Joaquim Chissano on using Lake Malawi by force, to avoid conflicts in the region.

In his views, according to Africa Online publication, Magufuli called Chisanno’s views a step towards making Malawian’s enemies to Tanzania, which can lead to Tanzanian’s being persecuted in Malawi, Bilateral relationship facing issues and underground movements created.

Magufuli--Belittles Lake Malawi

Magufuli–Belittles Lake Malawi

“Any view that Malawi has not agreed to should and will not be entertained by me and Mozambique is a country that has not seen much peace and Chissano is known to be the advisor to the Presidents.

“Views from such men should not have been entertained in the first place. However your President who is seeing the end at the beginning, want to give you other views,” said Mugufuli to the youth who visited the state house.

Magufuli then pompously boasted that Tanzania has more in Indian Ocean “than just a piece of lake which they let us use for fishing and swimming on it”.

As a president, Chissano led Mozambique during the war from 1986 to 2005 (war ended in 1992 after deaths of many Renamo fighters).

Chissano--allegedly ordered lake usage

Chissano–allegedly ordered lake usage

Mozambique’s former President Joaquim Chissano who is chairing the lake dispute between Malawi and Tanzania had given unpopular advice for a go ahead to Tanzania to start using part of the Lake Malawi.

Chissano had told Tanzania that they can start using the lake and they should not be afraid of a
war between the two countries because Tanzania has better weapons.

Among the unpopular advices, Joaquim Chissano had also advised Mugufuli to direct three war ships to be deployed in lake and warned Malawi to refrain from any confrontation because Tanzania has better weapons and that Tanzania should be geared to fight for the lake.

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14 thoughts on “Magufuli Belittles Lake Malawi, Rebuffs Chissano On Orders To Use Lake

  1. I am not surprised to hear this
    Putting Mozambique as mediator on our Lake Malawi is very dangerous. This neighbor don’t love us, she is jealousy and cannot be trusted

  2. i think this must atleast be a wise leader for he blutantly knows the consequences of conflicts which can eventually lead to loss of lives and resources.
    loss of resources can be due to international interventions whom they come in the name of peace keeping yet they are there for other reasons. WE AFRICANS MUST BE CAREFUL. thanks to almight God for this warm kinded heart of the state president of tanzania.

  3. If Chisano is so wise why can’t he bring peace in his own country?
    Tanzania and Malawi have been living in peace for a long time.are people not tied of shading blood of our own?
    Shame on you chisano.

  4. daniel rashid May 20, 2016 at 13:49 - Reply

    nothing good cant come from Chisano h is abad leader and good example why is failing to solve his own problems ,shame Mr presdent

  5. There has been no war in Tanzania for as long as I can remembet. There has been no war in Malawi for the same period. There has been war in Mozambique since I was born more than fourty years ago. Mr
    Chissano is not the right mediator. He is a fighter.

  6. Tanzanians and Malawians are like brothers and sisters we will continue loving each other

    Chissano has failed to be a good leader.

  7. Amamva chichewa Chisanuyo ? Anyway tell him to behave becoz as a former leader he’s supposed to be a good example to the current leaders. That’s why they will fight forever against themselves and flock to our country. Let me ask you Mr Chissano do you know that we keep your people here in Malawi ? What do you about them? Big up Mr Magufuli

  8. Malawi and Tanzania r brothers and sisters thanks for our leaders for there thinking.Let chisano go to hell our countries r at peace we don’t need war let chisano and his mocambique suffer.My advice to our Malawian president Do the right for malawi and Tanzania war is not a solution same to u our good president of Tanzania may God be with u all amen.

  9. After all,who made Chissano a mediator.When did Chissano became a human being?
    A blood shader can’t mediate peace lovers. Shame on you Chissano,shame!

  10. The press also is inciting violence here. I don’t see President Chissano urging Tanzania to do that against a brotherly country like Malawi. Somebody maybe trying to use Malawi Punch for unknown reasons.

    I think this needs to be addressed because Mr. Chissano is a peace man in my opinion and he is recognized worldwide for being a good leader even with us Malawians. Let us not jump on criticizing Mr. Chissano because we don’t really know what transpired. Someone maybe manipulating here so that we be against our good neighbors.

  11. Ernesto Gungunhana May 24, 2016 at 09:26 - Reply

    Penso que houve uma desinformação, olhando pra a personalidade do Chissano, não imagino que tenha aconselhado tal coisa visto que ele já mediou vários conflitos a nível da região. É verdade que os políticos nos surpreendem pela simpatia.. Aqui primeiro apurar os factos.. Moçambique, Malawi e Tanzânia tem relações políticas, enconmicas muito fortes..

  12. [email protected] May 24, 2016 at 19:47 - Reply

    Ilustres irmãos!
    Tenho pouco a dizer sobre a figura do honorário presidente Alberto Chissano. No pouco que tenho sobre ele, é de que, ele é uma das figuras amante da paz e de reconhecido quando o assunto é paz. É uma lenda viva quando o assunto é de reconciliação paz e harmonia. Sinto me infeliz quando se quer descredibilizar a figura do presidente Chissano não necessariamente por ser domeu país.

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