Four Malawians Killed In Mozambique, Three Seriously Injured

About 24 Malawians who were travelling to South Africa on a lorry were attacked by gunmen at Catandica in Mozambique and four were killed on the spot, Immigration Department officials have confirmed.

Three others are hospitalized at Chimioi Hospital and are being treated of gun wounds. Currently 17 of the attacked people have been ferried back home.

The incident as happened just days after violence erupted at Tsangano trading centre in Ntcheu district yesterday (Monday 2nd May, 2016) as a Burundian national residing in Mozambique side detained a Malawian trader.

“What happened is that a Malawian boy was detained by a Burundian boy staying on Mozambique side at Tsangano,” Malawi Police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa said.

“Some other people of bad behavior, the criminals took advantage [of the situation] and looted some groceries in the Burundian shop,” Gondwa explained.

Eye witnesses said Mozambique soldiers crossed the boarders armed to the teeth and caused havoc in Malawi confiscating groceries from Malawians, some which were not even part of loot.

Malawi Police made arrests of 12 people over the looting. The suspects are expected to appear in court

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