Exposed: Chakwera Leads Bogus International Institution

Malawi Congress Party leader, Lazarus Chakwera, who is also leader of Opposition in Parliament received and accepted a vice presidency role of a bogus organization which does not even have a physical address in Lisbon, it has been established.

For the past two weeks MCP followers have flooded the social networks praising Chakwera on his appointment as vice president of Christian Democratic Institute (CDI) while on his tour in Portugal.

Same sentiments were echoed by Chakwera himself during a press briefing where he explained on how glad he was to be honored with the post.

Sadly, the organization in mention is as bogus just as it is non-existent in any statutory registry neither in Portugal nor Europe.

Research has found that CDI cannot be traced using any social technology such as search engines. Further requests by our sources in Lisbon shows that the said conference was only convened by Chakwera’s friends in a fashionable suburb known as Avenida da Liberdade.

“There is nothing about CDI here. We know Chakwera was here to visit friends and they organized a cocktail party at which someone proposed that they (the five families) should start an organization of Christian politicians. It was there that they made their choices. No one knows this organization because it does not exist in our registers here. You can call it a family gathering if you like,” revealed our Lisbon-based source who studies Political Science at Universidade de Lisboa.

The source says if Chakwera was serious with his political networking then the best choice would have been working with Christian-leaning parties in Germany and Italy because that is the only places where this political philosophy is still persisting.

Political experts say Chakwera should not brand his name around bogus institutions just for political mileage because such behavior is likely to backfire and taint him grossly.

At the dawn of the New Year, Chakwera’s supporters have been calling him Professor on top of Doctor though there is no trace of him being elevated to such an elite academic position by a credible institution.

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