Where is Salanje as Journalist Ulemu Teputepu’s body strands in South Africa?

The body of Ulemu Teputepu, a widely known South African based Malawian journalist who died some days ago, is yet to be taken back home as his relatives cannot afford transportation costs, Malawi Punch can reveal.

According to the deceased family, they need about MK1 million to meet burial costs, but they are unable to raise funds.

“We just need that money. His body is still at the mortuary at Tswane Hospital as we run around looking for funds. We are really down and beg for well-wishers to help us,” explained Ulemu’s siter Martha Teputepu.

However, our quick investigations established that the journalist closely worked with pastor Hastings Salanje, promoting his church and PR stunts through both local and international media. It is not known why the rich pastor has not stepped in to help the poor family with atleast one car to sell and find money to transport the body of the journal.

Salanje was not available for immediate comment as we went to press.

Late Ulemu joined the media industry in 2003 and worked for Capital FM Radio before going to South Africa in 2011 for further studies and has been working as a correspondent for Times Live, Nyasatimes, Malawi24 and Maravi Post.

Born on December 23, 1981 at Kamuzu Central Hospital in the capital Lilongwe, Ulemu is survived by two children.

Salanje and Teputepu having a good time.

Salanje and Teputepu having a good time.

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12 thoughts on “Where is Salanje as Journalist Ulemu Teputepu’s body strands in South Africa?

  1. Limbani Teputepu May 6, 2016 at 09:10 - Reply

    In our family there is no Martha Teputepu. this very wrong information. we have already paid the Undertaker and SA Airways to repatriate the body on Wednesday.

  2. aubrey teputepu May 6, 2016 at 09:38 - Reply

    Plaease allow him to rest peacefully.If u are following events u cud have seen on my wall and see the final programe arrangements.This is very sad and poor reporting journalism.Is this how you gonnah say bye tour fellow journalist??by despising him or making a name out of it.Withdraw the story asap before we seek legal redress.Shame on you.

  3. aubrey teputepu May 6, 2016 at 09:49 - Reply

    Investigate before you publish stories.Chonde musapeze nkhani popanda nkhani and we don’t need money from anyone associated with our brother inline with his duties.Our brother is coming home on wednesday and we are having a memorial service in Pretoria on monday.For ur information the body of Ulemu isn’t at Tswane Hosp right now.

    • U know what Aub osamusiya walemba stupid report yu coz ndiwochititsa manyaz, there’s no way angapange publish the story without propper information.

  4. Some journals are realy a big shame,look now how relatives to the deceased have reacted to your unfounded story,what a shame.

  5. poor reporting and the story is not even balanced.if you wanted to talk about Salanje munakangonena otherwise this is very bad and painting bad picture on the family yet everything has been taken care of.May His soul rest in peace.retract the story please ASAP.

  6. aubrey teputepu May 7, 2016 at 10:02 - Reply

    You know Joe some people when they leave africa or malawi they foget that they will come back.When they have tasted swahili or indian food their heads stops functioning.Home will always be home.With technology it is simple to locate them,we know the person who has written this and as a family we will map the way forward.It is very unfortunate that instead of focusing on their lives people are wasting time on gossip.Zoona ngati kwathu tagona ndi njala is that an issue to some1..it pains to read such unfounded comments on social media.This has affected us yes but this will not bring us down for the Lord is our Saviour.We are in a very difficult time and loosing Ulemu at his age its very painful.No matter what happens in life Chitsiru chirichonse chiri ndi mwini wake.Lord have mercy.

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